Monday, October 18, 2010

A Week of Road Trips

Rich and I were on the road a lot last week with all the happenings going on around here. Last Sunday we had a trip planned to the area my sister lives to have dinner with her for her birthday. We got up that morning thinking we'd have a great day...the weather was beautiful, everyone was in a wonderful mood until....the throwing-up started! To make a long story short, Blake puked, then Morgan puked, then after asking for Rich to help, he puked...ALL on the carpet, cleaned carpet, changed clothes, took off, forgot gift, turned around, tones go off for fire call, turned around again, Rich ran into fire hall, waited for trucks to leave, came home, waited for Rich, took off again (with gift this time) after he called, drove 2 hours, and made it to dinner for my sisters b-day only 1-1/2 hours late! :-) (By the way-the kids were fine-their congestion got to them from their colds.)

We had a great dinner of pizza at a place called Aubree's. I forgot my camera in the car and after finally making it there, I didn't bother running back out to grab it for pics. I assure you everyone had a nice time. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon checking out Trader Joes for the first time (and grabbed some hard apple cider that had our last name in it-thought that was kinda cool!) and visiting my parents' campsite they had been staying at that weekend before driving the 2 hours back home.

The next trip was last Tuesday when Rich and I drove all the way across the state to go to the burial of my grandparents' ashes....8 hours round-trip for a 15 minute burial. (Basically coast to Michigan). It was really neat, though. The burial date would have been my grandparents' 70th anniversary and the scenery was beautiful the whole trip-I really wish I had pictures for you! We also had lunch with the members of the family that could make it, which was nice.

The most recent trip was this past Saturday to Michigan State University, my alma mater, for the homecoming football game. It was only my second football game, even though I spent 4 years over there, and it was my first true tailgating experience. I had a wonderful time and Rich had an even better time (though there are parts he doesn't remember...if you know what I!) And I remembered to get pics on this trip!! :-)

It'd been over 3-1/2 years since I had been to campus and this awed me! LOL! I used to have to stand and wait for the trains to pass on my way back and forth to the commuter lot and now the road goes under the tracks! I am still in awe! LOL!

Roomies! Me, my friend Kelley and my sister. We roomed together my (and Kel's) Junior and Senior years.

The band playing at half time.

Sparty-our mascot! :-)

Celebrating a touchtown.

Beaumont tower from the stadium.

This one is a bit confusing. I thought I was taking a picture of Gerard Butler (Bounty Hunter, 300, etc.), but it's just some guy in a leather coat and MSU hat....then as I was looking at this before posting and there is Gerard Butler on the far upper right in the greyish leather least I'm almost positive it is-lol!

Here's a pic of him at the game from MSU's facebook compare to the pic of the guy on the far right's him, right? Either way, I tried-I had my camera zoomed in 16 times and the pic is blurry until I take it...I could only do so much-LOL!

Celebrating the 26-6 victory over Illinois. GO STATE!! They are now 7-0 and ranked #8!! :-)
This pic is as we were walking back to the commuter lot. MSU's campus is truly beautiful this time of year...I wish I had gotten to the old part of campus-I'm sure it was breathtaking! :-)

It was a busy week, but a good one! I'm looking forward to staying close to home this week....and the next few weeks-that was A LOT of traveling! LOL!

P.S. Today is my sister's actual birthday...Happy Birthday Katie! I know you were dreading this one...I am too knowing that I'm only 15 months behind you!! ;-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well after a slow start I am glad you were able to make it to the dinner. Now you said your grandparent's funeral, I am a bit confused. Did I miss something?
How awesome to go to the football game, I bet you had a great time.

Kristie said...

I changed the wording a bit now, so hopefully it isn't confusing. Thank you Debby! :-)

Alexia said...

Puking UGH. And why did Rich puke? Is he not a puke person? LOL My Mom is like that - she used to shove buckets in our faces and run!

And how cool is it that someone famous was actually in MI - I had no clue!

Cascia said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Your college campus is beautiful. It has been years since I've been to my alma mater. I probably won't recognize it now.

Marissa said...

How fun to be able to go back to your college! I bet that was nice. Trader Joe's is also a great place :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow my dear you've had some great family trips!!!

What a sweet thing to do for their 70's anniversary they were looking down smiling!

Look at that game how fun was that! hehe I so say you got him on your camera!

LOVE LOVE that shot of Beaumont tower and the Tree's just gorgeous.

Jocelyn said...

Looks like you had a blast at those trips! And happy birthday to your sister! :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Wow sounds busy but fun! Such a pretty campus!
How neat that the burial of your grandparents ashes was on their anniversary!

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