Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'D' is for Dog

I think learning about the letter 'D' is the most fun we've had so far...check out what we Did! :-)
The kiddos' Dog word wheels. The words on the wheels this time were: Dog, Doctor, Dragon and Dish. (We Didn't Do anything with Dragon and Dish, since I couldn't come up with anything, so we used the word Duck instead!)

We played Dog games.

Cuddled with Dogs During reading time.

Read about some Dogs.

Made Dog puppets while singing about a special farmer's Dog named "Bingo" ;-).

Moving on to Ducks! We read about some fun Ducks!

Then played a Duck game.

And with the word Doctor, we played a popular Doctoring game.

Then we played Dress-up as Doctors!

Morgan Doctoring Blake.

Blake as the Doctor.

Blake Doctoring Morgan.

And in the Bible we learned about Daniel. Morgan also had her church program practice that night, which is called "That's So Daniel!"
Part of the reason we had so much fun with the letter 'D' was all the games we played, but my favorite part was how creative the kiddos got while playing Doctor Dress-Up! While I was being Doctored, I Discovered that Micky Mouse is in my eyes. Not only is he in there, but he had made himself at home by getting all cozy under a blanket! I may have never known my eyes were home to a special Disney mouse if Morgan hadn't been my Doctor that Day. ;-)


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok girlie do you just do this in one day or is it a whole week! You really are an awesome mom :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They look so cute in their scrubs!
I didn't know that they made UNO for kids. Awesome ideas mom!!!

Beth said...

Love the D things....is there a link to the puppet and the wheel?? So cute!!

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