Monday, March 25, 2013

The Final Upwards Basketball Game!

When I posted about the Upwards Awards, I had forgotten I had these videos to share still! I promise this is the last Upwards post! ;-)
As part of the halftime break during the kids' last Upwards basketball game, they discussed the virtues the kids learned during their devotions at practice.  They had one child from each team come and read the verse that went with each virtue.  Morgan nervously read John 3:16 in front of all the friends and family of the four teams and one cheer team that was there!  I was very proud of her!

I'm also proud of this little guy (and Morgan's ability to film him!)  Blake came a long way in his ability to control the ball this year. :-)  You'll have to tilt your head to watch this one. ;-)


Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL we dont' mind tilting our head :)

Way to go Blake, you're a star!!

Anonymous said...

Blake and Morgan, We are so proud of you! Great job!
Love ya, Oma and Opa

Wendy said...

Awesome job Blake! :)

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