Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blake's 6th Birthday

We celebrated Blake's 6th Birthday a few weeks back.  He requested a Hulk/Avenger birthday.  He also loved the Zucchini Brownies, so he got that instead of cake this year.  (Which was awesome because we could make brownie sundaes!!  Yum!)
 I tried to find a few Hulk decorations, then Blake took matters into his own hands and made some decorations himself!
 The treat bags for all the kiddos.
 Blake getting help from his buddy opening presents.
 Putting on his super cute smile for pics with his brownies.
 Blowing out his '6' candle.
 Because we had Blake's birthday party on a different day than his actual birthday, we still tried to make his birthday special.
We started the day with birthday pancakes.  He wanted chocolate syrup with dino sprinkles.
 Then I tried my hand at making a longneck dino pancake...kinda scrunched up his neck when I flipped him though.
We built one of his birthday presents from his party.
Then we went to McDonald's for lunch and met up with my mom.  It happened to be the day of the open house at school where the kids could meet their teachers and see their classrooms, so we went there after lunch.  Morgan's teacher gave Blake a special sticker to wear so everyone would know it was his birthday.
We then headed to a nearby city, since I had something to get done there, and Blake got to shop at Hobby Lobby...definitely a fun place to look around for a creative little guy!  I hoped to take a ten cent trolly ride in the city after I got done with what I had to do.  We went to the other end of town and actually followed the trolly to it's stop, but as we parked and got out of the truck, the trolly TOOK OFF! 
Since we missed our trolly, we went down by the nearby river and waved to a tour boat, which then honked back at us (kinda neat!) and took off again to try to see a movie.  (We were REALLY trying to make it a fun day!)  So we get to the closest theater and they weren't playing anything we were remotely interested in seeing for at least an hour.  I happened to bring up showtimes on my phone at the other theater and the were showing Planes...and it had JUST started!  The girl at the first theater reassured us that we wouldn't miss anything because the other theater has super long previews.  We actually drove over, bought our tickets and popcorn, got seated, and still had a good 5 minutes to spare.  (CUTE movie by the way!)
After we got home, we ate Blake's favorite for dinner...pizza.  Then he opened a present that we had saved for him from his party.
 His favorite was this fire power water squirter thing....boy can it shoot water a ways! Both he and Morgan were SOAKED! :-)

 Despite a couple setbacks in the day, Blake's birthday turned out to be super fun and I think he'll remember it for a long time...at least until next year! :-)


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Happy Birthday Blake!

Your mom is awesome!!! I so love the cake, hun you did a great party!!!

mail4rosey said...

He is as cute as he can be. My son wants that firesoaker. Every time he sees it, he tells me. ;)

A 10-cent trolley ride sounds cool! Too bad they took off, but some other time, yes? :)

Glad you had a great birthday party and then celebration on the actual day. Happy birthday to Blake! :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like he had a great birthday!
I think the pancake came out great.
Happy 6th Birthday Blake :)

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to make his birthday such a fun day, despite the few setbacks. :)
You did a great job decorating the cake! Funny, cause Erik asked for a Hulk cake for his 6th bday this year too (though we ended up just having ice cream sundaes instead).
Blake's decoration turned out great too. He's so creative!

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