Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Well, I went into the kids' Spring Break thinking how nice it would be not to have to run the kids to and from school and our days would generally just have a more relaxed feel...I guess we may have had a couple days like that, but the rest of the time filled up quick!

Over the first weekend of the break, we really didn't have a lot going on.  We had a couple movie nights, which the kids absolutely love to do!  We made it to church Sunday and spent a lot of time cleaning.  Rich is working at least 20 hours of overtime a week, but he makes sure to have Sundays off and he worked around the yard a bit.  I cleaned out our attic....so I can fill my sister's attic (baby stuff!!) ;-)

Monday was fairly uneventful.  Morgan had her dance class and got a call from a good friend.  The friend had just moved and invited Morgan over.  I ended up talking to her mom and the friend hadn't actually asked her mom first.  They hadn't settled in yet, so we made plans to have the friend over here instead on Tuesday.   I also got a call from a friend of Blake's mom for a play date, so we made arrangements to meet on Wednesday.

Tuesday we picked up Morgan's friend and I did some baking while she was here.  We took the friend home mid-afternoon and grabbed some groceries.  (I'm trying to get used to getting groceries...it's one of the things Rich usually does...he works near a store that has better prices than our town...but I hate to ask when he's working so much!)  A little while later my mom stopped by to get Morgan so she could spend the night at my mom's with my nieces.  Blake wasn't sure he wanted to go.  He was having a lot of congestion issues, and generally not feeling well, so he stayed home.  

Wednesday, I worked at getting some things done first thing, then Blake and I headed to my parents' to work on Baby Shower favors with a niece that was excited to help with them.  We also picked up Morgan and came home to do a little cleaning before Blake's friend came for the playdate.  The mom called and asked us to their place instead, so we went over there after waking Morgan up...all that playing with her friend and the cousins wore her right out!  We stayed for about an hour and a half, then made our way to Rich's parents' to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday.  We stayed there until about 8:30 before heading home.  Rich had gone there straight from work and was going to be leaving after us.  I got a call from him around 9:00 that the brakes weren't working on the car.  He had made it to a gas station to get brake fluid and was taking the back roads home and stopping to add fluid every once in a while....*sigh*

Thursday, after making some plans, we got up super early to take the car to the mechanic, then run to Rich's grandma's to borrow her car.  If it had been one day later that there were car issues, we could have done without a second vehicle, but I needed the truck that day!!  We came home and I called the mechanic to let them know we dropped the car off and what was going on with it.  Then I called the doctor for Blake.  We went to Blake's appointment later in the morning.  Apparently the lingering congestion issue was seasonal allergies (which was new news to us) and the ear ache he had started the day before was an ear infection. We left there and went straight to Morgan's dance studio for a dance clinic day...she was there from 11:30 to 5:00.  (The teacher was making up for all the missed dance classes during the long, snowy winter.)  Blake then had a buddy over for a couple hours while his sister was gone.  After picking Morgan up, we grabbed Blake's new meds and settled in after a long couple days!

Friday, we had hoped to have Morgan's best friend over, but she ended up going to a cabin with her grandparents for the week and wasn't around....so we worked in yard instead.  Did you know that when you live on a gravel road that has had a super snowy winter your yard gets FULL of stones?  The snow plow threw stones at least 20 feet into our yard....over...and over...and over again!  I raked stones for HOURS...about 6 hours total between Friday and Saturday.  I was able to fill in some holes in the driveway with them, so that was nice.  Plus the lawnmower shouldn't be hitting as many this summer.  I just hope my blistered hands understood what they were sacrificing for.  ;-)  The kids helped pick up sticks and hold the shovel for me to rake stones into.  The car had been fixed that day too, so we were able to grab it when Rich came home that night.

Saturday was mostly raking stones, but we were able to return Rich's grandma's car too after Rich got out of work.  Plus the kids were ready for another movie night....had to make the most of it over Spring Break, right?

Sunday Morgan ended up sick.  She had said she had a stomach ache the night before, but she does that fairly often and it's usually nothing.  When I made pancakes in the morning and she was done after only 2 (this girl usually eats 4 or 5 and is still asking for more), I knew something was really wrong.  She had a slight fever and later in the afternoon ended up throwing up.  Needless to say, she got an extra day off for Spring Break on Monday.  At least Blake was better....hopefully he manages to avoid what she had.

Well that was the gist of our break.  I think the only way to actually have a relaxing break would probably be to leave home for a while.  Hopefully one day!  All-in-all, it was really a good Spring Break though.  The kids got to spend time with friends outside of school.  We got some yardwork done and the attic cleaned up.   We know why Blake always seems sick...poor little guy. :-(  Plus we know that of all the things that can go wrong with the car in the future, that one replaced brake line is not going to be one of them! ;-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry Morgan got sick and glad Blake was feeling better. Sounds like a very busy week with lots of chasing around and also it sounds like you got a lot of work done around the house. You what to come work in mine now. I don't have the ambition I use to have!
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

It never goes as smooth as we hope!

Sorry about the car and kids being sick :(.

Hope you're all doing better and have some down time.

mail4rosey said...

Well that was a nice relaxing break, hahahhahaa

Sorry your little one's got seasonal allergies. The dr. said our son has winter allergies, but I don't know if I buy it.

I'm a skeptic, I guess. :)

Hope you get some rest! ;)

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