Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our Halloween was a little more relaxed this year.  We did at least 2 or 3 fewer trick-or-treating events than we have the last couple years, but we were able to fit in some other fun things that we usually miss out on... and it was absolutely wonderful!

The kids participated in the library's costume contest.  Neither won, but all the costumes were great!  The magic/juggling/comedy show that followed was awesome!  Lots of laughs from the kids and adults. :-)
 We made it a local corn maze for the first time this year!  They have these cute signs to get pictures with so of course we had to get pics at each one!

 Only 15 months apart and Morgan is over 6 inches taller than Blake!

 The Corn Maze!
 There were signs throughout to learn about farming in Michigan.
 The kids excitedly ran ahead almost trying to get lost.  We were ALL SMILES the whole maze.  Loads of fun! :-)
 We picked out a pumpkin, then enjoyed some tasty donuts and cider.  (We were one pumpkin short from me cooking the ones we grew...oops!)  
We don't always find time to carve pumpkins, but the day was just too nice to miss out on the opportunity this year.  And, of course, Rich and the kids had to get silly with them.  (Ew!  LOL!)

 The kids did the design, and most of the carving, themselves and the pumpkins turned out super cute!
 Blake had also painted this pumpkin in Cub Scouts.  (Can you see it's a TMNT Mikey?)
A fun little 'spooky' mouth snack we made.  I think the black 'teeth' make it look spooky anyway ;-)
 Speaking of spooky...Morgan walked out into our mudroom to see this one morning just before Halloween.  She said she jumped thinking someone was behind the curtain. (Blake checked it out for her and it was all clear.)  No one place the shoes/curtain that way, so we think the wind must have done it at some point and she just happened to notice it that morning.  We had a good laugh about it :-)
Besides all that, we enjoyed Halloween day going to the kids school.  They dressed up, paraded through the school and ended at a magic show in the gym.  That evening we went around to five family members to trick-or-treat...we usually try to do a few more, but everyone had lost power due to high winds/rain....made for an extra eventful Halloween for sure! :-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love their costumes and going to the pumpkin patch is always a fun time!

mail4rosey said...

I totally saw the TMNT on the pumpkin. :) Their costumes are cute!

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