Monday, January 12, 2015

Kids' December Art Projects 2014

My mom is amazing and took both kids to the art studio three times in December so they could make gifts...and once just because... :-)

The first time the kids went to the studio in December, they painted pictures for Rich and I.  Blake painted this adorable Santa.

 Morgan painted Mrs. Frosty.  I think she did awesome for her first time at the art studio!  They then wrapped them and we had to wait until Christmas Eve to open them.  Nothing like wanting to see how the kids' painting turned out and having to wait for 3 weeks!  LOL!  It was a fun surprise, though. :-)

 There was an Open House at the studio the following day and, since the kids wanted to go back, my mom took them and they made these faux stained-glass projects.

  These are the final pieces the kids painted for their (other) grandma for Christmas.  They picked out two paintings that matched and each made one.

I then spent what seemed like hours online and at Hobby Lobby trying to find the best way to frame them until my mom happened to come across a burlap canvas with white paint on it that looked like it could be snow.  The paintings fit perfectly, so that was it!  Hot-glued them on it was ready to be wrapped!

Afterwards I thought how it was neat that they ended up being reindeer paintings, since that's what they dressed their horses up as for the horse parade this year.  Not only a handmade gift, but a neat way to remember a special thing they did together.  :-)


Cascia Talbert said...

Wow! Your kids are very talented. You must be proud.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They did a great job. They are very talented. I want to do that, can your mom take me????

mail4rosey said...

They did an awesome job. And hurrah for amazing granmdas too. :)

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