Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Weekend of Christmas Festivities!

Christmas is definitely in the air! We spent much of our weekend doing Christmas activities. Friday night the kids got to stay up late and watch a Christmas Special on TV, 'Yes Virginia'. I remember looking forward to the older, unanimated version every year when I was little, so I really wanted to see the new one with the kids!

Morgan got to help pop the popcorn for the movie!

Enjoying the popcorn-apparently Morgan was going at it with both hands! :-)


Saturday I put up the rest of the Christmas decorations-including my Precious Moments Nativity!

Saturday night was the church's Christmas musical "A Baby Changes Everything". I didn't take any pictures, but it was a wonderful program! It was very moving and a great way to remember and celebrate the reason for the season! :-)

Sunday, after church, was the firefighter Christmas party. It's always a wonderful party with great food, music and Santa!

Blake couldn't wait to go get a present from Santa. He kept watching as Santa handed out presents thinking that they were all his! Good thing he was patient and didn't scream! When his name was called, he practically dragged Rich to the front to get his present! LOL! (Morgan wouldn't go anywhere near Santa, so no pictures of her with Santa :-( )

Blake got a phone.

Morgan got a doll.

Mom got a poinsettia!

Actually, I got three! Each year the wives of the firefighters get a 3 foot tall poinsettia! It's huge for our little house, so I always give it away to my mom or mother-in-law. So this year I saw that they had smaller ones (about a foot tall) and thought one of those would be SO much better and I could actually keep it. Rich asked about getting a small one instead of the big one and somehow I ended up with 2 small ones and 1 big one! So much for trying to get less-I ended up with more! LOL!

**By the way, Rich got something too. I'm pretty sure the food (prime rib) and the drinks (rum and cokes) were all Rich could have wanted from the party! LOL!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

ahhh a movie night and sitting in momma lap! How fun is that!

the Santa at the firehouse looks like so much fun, what a great way to celebrate. Everyone got amazing gifts. I think Rick would be like Rich and be happy with the food and drinks .. LOL :)

Just Breathe said...

I taped it but haven't watched it yet. Yum, with popcorn! Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Love that nativity! Movie night sounds fun! It's time for us to do that again!

Marissa said...

What fun festivities! I would love to see that Christmas Special...I didn't realize there was a new version.

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