Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Please keep praying for the Buckland family

I want to start out by thanking everyone again for their prayers and support for Amanda. I've only seen a portion of the support she has gotten and I am in awe! Our local community, as well as the blogging community, has done so much already, but Amanda still has a long road of healing emotionally ahead and can really use prayers! :-)

I've been able to be in contact with Amanda and have seen some messages she has left through facebook. She and Ayllissa are working on moving into an apartment. (They have been living with family these last couple weeks.) It sounds as though, through local donations of furniture, she is almost set with big furniture needs as well as some small appliances. They are also set with clothing needs and anything that they are getting multiples of or their needs have been fulfilled is going to be donated back to others who are in need.

As far as donations through Paypal, I feel that the amounts are personal to Amanda as any donations at the funeral would have been. Amanda shared with me a couple times the amounts, so I could pass the info on to John and Jen at Cake Wrecks, and I will tell you that it was awesome! Cake Wrecks posted her story at 9:30 am last Monday and by 4:15 when Amanda and I chatted, she had already received an amazing amount. That amount more than doubled within the next couple days! I have no idea what has been donated since, but all I hope and pray is that it is enough that she doesn't have to worry about money and can focus on herself and Ayllissa.

If you would like to hear from Amanda about all that the community has done, she will be interviewed by a Fox 2 News anchor (Detroit news) today at noon, so the interview will most likely air tonight. (I'm guessing the interview should also be online for those of you who do not live in the area.

Through a personal e-mail with Amanda, I know she and Ayllissa are going to both be seeing someone to help them deal with all the emotional pain. Amanda also mentioned that a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders during the walk through with the fire chief. She had been feeling guilty about the fire and the fire chief assured her that there was nothing that she could have done to prevent what happened. She said she felt a lot better that day. I know I haven't been able to stop thinking about her and to know that she felt at least a little better was a huge blessing. God is answering prayers for comfort for Amanda and I pray that she continues to feel that comfort and healing. :-)

One last thing. If anyone still wants to donate something to Amanda, but doesn't want to donate to the trust fund, she mentioned that gift cards are a welcome form of donation. Here is the address again:

Ullenbruch's Flower Shop
c/o Amanda Buckland
1839 Lapeer Avenue
Port Huron MI 48060

And, of course, the Paypal donation button is still in the upper left hand corner of my blog.

Again, please continue praying for Amanda. After losing her husband and babies and I cannot imagine how long it will take for her to be able to move on, but I know she can use all the prayers and support she can get throughout the healing process. :-)


Just Breathe said...

I think about her all the time. I cannot imagine her life now. I am so happy that she has received so much. I will continue to pray for them.

Nancy M. said...

I'll be praying for her! I am so glad that so many have been able to help!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I, too, think about her often now. I keep praying, and will continue. I am so thankful for the answered prayers, and know God will continue to answer and provide.
Thanks for the update!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thanks so much for the update, I'm so appreciate that so many have helped and she has gotten some help. Plus someone to talk to can help her move to the next stage.

Many prayers and blessings to her and Ayllissa. Thanks for the updates I've been thinking and praying for them.

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