Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of School Year Fun

Pajama/Sundae Party

Morgan's class had a little party one of the last few days of school and the teacher invited Blake to come too. He had a BLAST! He's going to think every day of preschool is as neat as that day was. ;-)

Snack time 1st thing....the program has to provide a snack and ice cream doesn't count.

Play time! Blake fit right in and played with all the kids just like he was one of them.

Playing Alphabet Bingo. (Morgan had to leave for a vision screening...)

They went to another room and watched a movie, then came back for the ice cream!


Finishing the day on the rug singing some fun songs. :-)

Bowling/Pizza Party!

Morgan's teachers also planned another party for the day after their last day of school at the bowling alley. (Morgan's teachers really are the best...couldn't have asked for better!!) The students' bowling and pizza was paid for, but the families had to pay for their own if they wanted anything....luckily another little girl didn't want to bowl for a while, so Blake got a chance to try it out and they had plenty of pizza for him too :-)

They really are best friends :-)

Morgan helping Blake get his ball down the lane.

She's looking pretty proud of that one! :-)
I'm kinda sad Morgan is done for this year and is moving on to kindergarden where she'll be in school ALL day. She seems excited though. It turns out that after a failed vision screening and a trip to the eye doctor that she needs glasses, so she'll be starting the school year with those too. Blake gets to experience all the preschool fun (hopefully not the glasses part) in the fall and he can't wait! I think he's most excited about making a bunch of friends :-)


Alexia said...

Two kids in school? What will you do with yourself all day?! LOL I've gotta start working on school for the boys. I think we're actually going to DO school this coming fall hehe.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What fun they had!!! They really are so sweet together I wish mine were like that all the time ... lol

I love that picture of them bowling.

She'll look so cute in glasses though :). Glasses aren't like they were when we were in school. They have so many cute frames that are actually the stylish thing to do :)

Yeah Blake gets to go next year. Poor mom :(

The Jacobsen Family! said...

VERY fun!
Glad they did the test for Morgan! Bet she'll be even more of a genius now that she'll be able to see better! =)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so cool! Sounds like two great parties. Sorry to hear about the glasses but it's good to catch it early.

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