Monday, June 20, 2011

Morgan's Princess Birthday Party

I don't usually do a lot of a theme for the kids' birthdays besides the cake. It's usually only family that comes and we don't make a huge deal out of it...just have a fun time. But this birthday was different because I ended up with some awesome deals/freebies/winnings that made it possible for Morgan to have a princess birthday. (More specifically a Rapunzel/Tangled birthday.)

My family working together to set up the cardboard castle for the kids to color.

The kids being creative with their coloring :-)

Then it was time to eat!

Morgan was most excited about this:

Blake got to swing without the blindfold because he's so little.

No luck breaking it, so the next go round is without the blindfolds.

Still no luck, so the grown-ups are giving it a try...

Now Rich's turn...

...who knocked it down and Morgan got to beat it apart ;-)

FINALLY they get to the candy!

Morgan then opened her presents, which contained a lot of Tangled things from Mom and Dad. (In the pictures: a wand from her princess card, a homemade Rapunzel hair clip holder and a Tangled puzzle.)

A mini book of Morgan at the Princess Ball this year, a Tangled book and the Tangled movie! :-)

More princess gifts from the grandparents. She also received a lot of clothes, another puzzle, book, balls and a special butterfly necklace that Blake picked out just his sister :-)

And finally, the cake!


Marina@EBMR said...

What a fun party and yum looking cake. Happy Birthday Princess Morgan :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow what an amazing b-day she had. I love all the freebies/etc you got!!!

You know me and theme's ... hehe I can't help myself. Love it!! GREAT job mom :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

FUN!!! Super cute cake too!!

Alexia said...

I love the cake - simple, but pretty genius at the same time!

Nancy M. said...

She has such a beautiful smile! That is so awesome everything y'all had for her birthday! That pinata must have been very tough, lol!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a perfect party. I have the movie too! Love that hair clip.

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