Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blake's First Day of Preschool

Blake started preschool on Wednesday. As the day approached, I tried not to think to much about it, but I knew it was going to be tough on me. I was in tears about it weeks ago, then after Morgan started Kindergarten last week, I knew that Wednesday was going to be particularly rough (for me).

HE did great! No tears and went with his teachers no problem after hugging his Daddy and I.

His teacher had a good 8 other parents sign in their little ones, but for some reason when she got to me she asked ME if I was going to be okay...just ME...and I thought I was doing good at that point! LOL! But walking out of the school without him for the first time was tough. Unfortunately, with the new security at the school, we were unable to go into the class and take pictures of his first day.... I took a picture of his bus coming up the road to make up for it-LOL! I had to hold back tears waiting for it. All I kept thinking was how lonely it was waiting...I had Blake with me last year to wait for Morgan to come home...

Of course all of it was no big deal for my little guy. He came home and told me all about his first day. We had a special lunch of french toast followed by a dessert of chocolate zucchini cake that I made especially for Blake for his first day of school.

A little while later we had to go pick up Morgan from school. Listening to a preschooler and kindergartener discuss school and seeing each other in the hallway was PRICELESS! Had to have been one of the cutest conversations I've heard from them :-)

We then had an after school snack of pencils!!!
They're made from a cheese stick with a Bugle and piece of raisin on the top and a cut out piece of bologna on the bottom.

It was the kids first experience with Bugles, so I had to show them had to make them into fingernails...

...they thought that was pretty neat! :-)
I'm still emotional over them both being in school. I'm keeping quite busy while they're away right now to keep my mind off it as much as possible. And Rich says NO to having another baby, so I'm thinking chocolate...LOTS of chocolate...will be a good way to ease the pain instead. ;-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I never remember getting emotional when I took my children for the first time. Hope your doing better now. Just think about how wonderful it is for him to grow and experience life. Sounds like he did great. Love those pencil snacks! They are so lucky to have such a loving mother.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh goodness a mess I would be. What a bummer about not being able to take pics inside :(.

I'm loving the pencil idea so freaking cute!!!

What fun!!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Again, so creative and FUN you are!! (That sounded like Yoda speaking, you know, everything in reverse... lol)
Anyway, what a big boy Blake is! I would have totally bawled too, Im impressed you held it together so well!
=( about no more babies... I'm with you... LOTS of chocolate!! =)

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