Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help support Canines for Disabled Kids through the purchase of a MyOwnPet Balloon

For those of us who don't necessarily want to vacuum pet hair every day, but would love for our children to have a pet to take care of, MyOwnPet Balloons might be a great option! Not only are they hair free, but the child has all sorts of options! Anything from a dog to a dinosaur! No matter what one you choose, they'll definitely inspire a young child's imagination. As the child who receives a MyOwnPet Balloon enjoys the benefits of owning and caring for a 'pet', children with disabilities will also benefit from being connected with canine assistance programs since $5 from each purchase will be donated to Canines for Disabled Kids. Disabled children under 12 years of age are in the greatest need of the 52,000 disabled Americans, as they are often denied training assistance dogs. Now these balloons are not just any balloons, but they are balloons created by Treb Heining! Treb Heining is the one responsible for the magical Mickey Mouse “Balloon within a Balloon”, as well as the balloon art for 16 Super Bowls, seven Academy Awards ceremonies, two presidential inaugurations and the 200th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. He also holds three Guinness World records and is the Times Square “Confetti King”...the guy who has been responsible for dropping nearly 3000 lbs of confetti during the New Years celebration for the last 20 years.

So, if you were to purchase a MyOwnPet Balloon, you are not only helping disabled children, but you'll have a balloon designed by the ultimate balloon guy! Two great conversation pieces at your next get-together as your little one is walking their pet dinosaur! ;-)

Buy it: MyOwnPet Balloons can be purchased for $14.95 online at the MyOwnPet Balloons site as well as various locations across the country.

*I wrote this post to help support a great cause. I was not reimbursed in any way.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a beautiful cause. I will go over and check it out.

Marissa said...

I will definitely check this. Bean LOVES balloons, but we can't have pets so this looks like a good option :)

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