Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blake's 5th Birthday

My sweet little boy turned 5 last week and we did A LOT to celebrate such a big birthday! ;-)
We started the day with some homemade pancakes, which was Blake's request for breakfast.  Then Blake had been wanting to paint a wooden gun that his Papa had gotten him.  I helped him pick out the paints and he went to town painting his gun camouflage all on his own! 
We then took a trip into town to go to the library.  It's always fun being able to pick out books to read.  :-) We also walked across the swinging bridge into the park.  (The kids ALWAYS ask to do this when we go to the library and I usually tell them no, so this was a treat!)  They played in the park for a little while before we headed to McDonald's for lunch and to use the gift card Blake gets for his birthday each year from our bank.
We also stopped for groceries for dinner and the ingredients to make homemade ice cream!
Unfortunately, the ice cream bowl didn't freeze, so there was no ice cream, but we had gotten these Oreos to put in it and they made for a pretty good birthday treat ;-)  (I did make the ice cream the following day after the bowl had frozen and it turned out delicious!!)
Blake's dinner request was pizza, so we made that for when Rich came home from work, then opened a couple presents...the one thing Blake was super excited about ALL day!  Morgan got him basically the only thing he had asked for repeatedly after seeing it at Barnes & Noble...a "Douglas" T-Rex plush.
When we were in town, Blake had also picked out the movie "Puss in Boots" to have a popcorn and movie night.  I put out the air mattress for them and they fell asleep shortly into the second viewing.  As you can see Blake wasn't going to let his new buddy leave his side ;-)
Blake's actual birthday party was this past Saturday morning.  We did a Birthday Brunch for something a little different.  I LOVE brunch food and had never hosted a brunch before, so I was kind of excited about it :-)
This is Blake's birthday's actually Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes :-)  As you can see he wanted a Lego Birthday :-)
The Lego pinata was a little project Rich and I worked on...just a box with some sour cream lids and spray painted.  (Peanut butter jar lids may have worked better because I had to double up the sour cream lids to make it look proportional.)
Blake taking the first swing.
The mad dash to tear the pinata apart for the treats inside :-)
Blake got all sorts of Lego and other building block sets, plus some clothes, money and...
..."staches" from my brother.  He liked his mustache so well that he didn't want to eat a cupcake and get the mustache messy!  LOL!
Blowing out his candles was a little tricky with that mustache as well ;-)

As hard as it is to see my little guy growing up, I sure enjoy the memories we're making along the way and this was definitely a memorable birthday! :-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a fun day he had. Pancakes, McDonald's and pizza!!! He definitely loves his T-Rex. Also getting to sleep on the floor watching the movie...what a treat.
Sorry about the ice cream but glad it worked out the next day. His other party looks like a fun day for him. Like the pinata.
Happy Birthday Blake!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Blake!! I'm so glad you had such a great time. I love your dino!!

Your lego party was awesome!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweet Blake!
ROFL, LOVE the 'staches"!!! That is hilarious!
You did a great job on the pinata!
And So adorable him sleeping with his new dino friend...

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