Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fair Fun x 3!

We spent a lot of time at fairs this year.  There were three fairs that we wanted to make it to and we did!  The kids even made it to the last fair twice! :-)
Fair #1
The first fair we went to was the one we always try to make it to with my mom, brother and nieces.  The kids favorite part of this fair is always the petting farm.
I loved this little exhibit!  It's the Three Little Pigs, but with Guinea Pigs!  Too cute!
The kids LOVE the butterflies!
The petting farm even had a vet display where a couple vet students taught them a little bit about some animals and gave them an idea of a little of what they do.  Here they were able to pretend to do surgery on a cat that swallowed a hair tie and dog needing a c-section :-)  (When I asked what their favorite thing at the fair was THIS was it!)
Of course we were prepared to go to the Splash Pad!
The kids had worked up quite an appetite!
This fair has grown so much since I showed animals in 4-H there!  I love all that they have to offer.  The fair is located on the county park grounds, so not only is there fair activities, there is also the Splash Pad and a historical village.  We were there from 9 until 4ish and never even made it to the rides!
Fair #2
I hadn't been to our town's fair since I was in high school...and I didn't even live here then!  LOL!  It seems silly since it's only 2 miles from our house and only $2 to get in.  It's just a little fair with only a few animals, a grandstand and maybe 10 rides, but we went as a family for a couple hours and had a blast!
Morgan's 4-H Projects
I signed Morgan up for 4-H this year, being that it is the first year she can be in it.  She won't be able to actually compete until she is 8 or 9, but she can still take projects as a Clover bud and receive participation ribbons.  We had a lot of fun being creative with her projects and learning some new things that they don't teach you in school ;-)  She was really proud of herself and of the ribbons she came home with ;-)
Fair #3
We had to make it to this fair, since this was the one Morgan's projects were at!  Plus Rich's brother was home from the Marines and wanted us to go as a family, so that was nice too!
Of everything that was at the fair the Whispering Pines Animal Kingdom really stuck out to me!  It was almost as good as going to the zoo...maybe better since everything was nice and close, so we could see them and we didn't have to walk miles! ;-)  (These pictures are only a tiny bit of what they had for us to see-it was actually really cool!)
Blake could not wait to see the 'crocodile' that they had.  It was actually an alligator, but he kept calling it a crocodile and being corrected by the worker there.  I couldn't help but laugh-it was what Blake wanted it to be and the guy wasn't going to change his mind!  LOL!
We made sure to make it to the rides here since they were part of the admission price AND Morgan got to get into the fair and ride rides free for taking projects :-)
Riding with "Tall Uncle"
The one ride I went on was the Ferris Wheel...I always enjoy the view!

Morgan and Blake went back to this fair again with my mom, brother and nieces so Morgan could show them her projects and ride rides with them.  I was a bit 'faired out' by then, so I stayed home, but they had a blast yet again! ;-)


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Holy smokes girlie you guys did so much! I love she can be part of 4H just like her mama!

I love it about the alligator. I'd be the same sometimes you just have to give it to them ... lol

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree with Alexis...holy smokes!!
They look like so much fun and I love Morgan's projects. Nice job Morgan!!!

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