Monday, June 10, 2013

Morgan's Dance Recital 2013

Morgan's dance recital went really well this year! She only did ballet, so she was only in one dance routine plus the opening and closing numbers. Last year she was in three routines and Blake was in one, then they were both in the opening and closing numbers...I think I missed MOST of the show with the running around for costume changes!  This year I was able to sit and enjoy all 2.5 hours...maybe one costume change would have been nice...for a little break. ;-)

Here is Morgan's group dancing to "A Whole New World".

Morgan is the tallest and is usually to the right and back.  I'm kinda happy that my camera on my phone doesn't do the best, so I don't have to worry about whose faces are showing! Plus you can't see that they're constantly watching their teacher. ;-)

Her ballet group is made up of the other two girls she danced with last year, a new girl and another who has danced with the studio for a while.  Two of the girls also do competition and you can really tell by their confidence and talent.  Competing is something that I always think about for Morgan, but then the cost and the amount of time it takes always brings me back to reality. ;-)

Morgan really wants to do a 'Lyrical' dance next year.  It sounds like one of the girls she danced with the last couple years will probably do it with her.  I'm excited about this type of dance for her, because I think it's something that she will really least if I'm understanding what this type of dance is.  It's all confusing to me if they don't have tap or ballet shoes on-lol! ;-)

I'm so proud of Morgan and how much she's improved and all that she is learning.  It was a great year of dance and a wonderful recital.  I'm glad for the break through the summer, but I'm looking forward to more dance in the fall!

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mail4rosey said...

My daughter did dance class for years and loved it. Your video is great and makes me nostalgic. :)

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