Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of School 2015

The kids are back in school today.  Morgan was looking forward to it, but Blake was a bit uneasy.  He got up three times after being put to bed to talk to me, then was up again around 3:30 AM.  (The super early wake-up had partially to do with our schedule the last 5 months, but that's another story.)  Morgan was eager to be up and get ready to go.  Despite a crazy schedule over the summer, she went to bed easily at 8:00 and was up at 6:30 like school had never let out for the summer.

Getting back into the morning routine was a bit tricky for all of us.  The kids forgot that they're not allowed to watch TV on school mornings. (They have a tendency to forgo getting ready if they do.)  I kept getting distracted by everything needing to be done and almost forgot to make them lunches.  Hopefully it all smooths out in the next week or two! :-)

 Morgan ended up with the teacher she wanted.  She had actually had her in Kindergarten, so she had no problem going into class and getting settled when I dropped her off.  We typically give hugs and have a little routine when I drop them off, but we were a bit out of sorts this morning with the rain and it didn't happen.  As we were walking down the hall towards Blake's class, he reached over and gave a quick hug before we got to his room...most likely realizing we had forgotten to do it.  I had to laugh at how quick he was...I'm pretty sure he didn't want anyone to see... ;-)

No phone calls from the school yet, so I'm guessing it's going well!  I'm praying for a great first day and wonderful school year for the kids and teachers! :-)

I put a couple collages together last year to see how Morgan and Blake have grown each year of school. I don't plan to update them this year, but if you'd like to stop by and check them out, click here.  (I can barely stand the cuteness!  Where did those little ones go?!)

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I hope that they have a great school year. I like that your town still follows the after Labor Day routine of school starting.

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