Friday, March 6, 2009

A Little Getaway

So today Rich and I are headed out for a little getaway. We just need to finish packing then drop the kids off at their grandparents and we'll be on our way to the little German inspired town of Frankenmuth, MI. I'm excited to do some wine tasting at St. Julian's, get some yummy cheese spread at the Cheese Haus and pick up a couple sample size bags of flavored popcorn at the Popcorn Wagon.

The whole trip isn't just about the snack food, though. I'm also excited to eat at the Frankenmuth Brewery (if it's open) and the Bavarian Inn, too! The Frankenmuth Brewery has a tasty appetizer of soft pretzels and horseradish mustard butter that I have been craving since we planned this getaway! (It may sound gross, but it's really good!) And the Bavarian Inn has some wonderful chicken dinners that, apparently are not really German at all. (Thank you to the German guys sitting next to me on the plane ride home from Germany for that bit of info.) Though not truly 'Bavarian', the dinners are still quite good and are a big draw to Frankenmuth.

Really, the trip isn't about food at all, though it is an added bonus! Rich and I really just need a little getaway for the two of us. We haven't gotten away together since before the kids came, so this is a much needed break! I'm looking forward to just going and having a good time without worrying about the house, the kids, work (in Rich's case), etc. (I'll probably still worry about how much we spend, but that's just me, so I can't help that one! LOL! ) So, we'll be back tomorrow afternoon/evening hopefully rejuvenated and most likely with a couple of very full tummies! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

It's so funny how muich we are a like. My husb Rick (see similar names) haven't had a getaway since Cole was 3 mo old for our 1st anniversary (yes it adds up to 9 mos to the day .. LOL).

I'm the same way about money, hope you do better then me and don't over think it and then start worring and talking about it. Rick can kill me each time ... LOL

Have lot's fun can't wait to hear all about it!

pam said...

Oh, have a great time. That is one of my favourite places. Savour some chicken for me, and don't forget to stop in at Birch Run to pick up some great deals:)

Cascia said...

Enjoy your getaway with your husband! It sounds like you'll have a great time. Everyone needs a little break every once in a while.

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