Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our New Computer

Before I tell you how the computer is working out, I wanted to show some before and after pictures of my desk:


It's big, isn't it? LOL!

If you caught my last post about the new computer, Computer Anticipation, you know about my old computer and what I was looking forward to with this new one. It's been about a week and a half, now, since we got our new computer and here is a list of my 'new computer' discoveries so far:

  • The new computer actually has 6 USB ports! My old computer had 1 USB port, so every time I went to do a video call with my parents in Germany, I had to unplug the printer and plug in the webcam. Not a big deal, but it tended to get annoying when I'd go to print something afterwards. I'd sit there waiting, wondering why it wasn't working and I had forgot to switch the cables back around. LOL! (By the way, I can actually talk through the webcam now too, since the computer runs faster. I used to have to type what I wanted to say, because my parents could never tell what I was saying.)
  • The new computer has a CD burner! I used to take my memory sticks to my parents (when they were home) to have them put the pictures on CD's. Since they've been gone, Rich will stay after work and put my pictures to CD's on his computer there. Now I can do it right here at home. At least I will be able to when I figure it all out. LOL!
  • The new computer has enough space to actually put my videos on it! I haven't figured out all the video stuff yet, but I was able to post a video to my blog last week! I'm hoping to put up more videos in the future and hopefully organize all my little discs and put them on big discs. I would really like them to play in the DVD player, so I can watch them on TV, but that hasn't worked yet. We'll figure it out sooner or later. (Hopefully we'll figure out why we can't get sound from our videos through the computer too?)
  • The new computer has a program called Windows Movie Maker that I was able to play around with a little last night. I don't actually have a movie that I want to make right now, but it would be fun to figure it out if I ever do want to. It was very exciting last night! LOL!
  • This new computer is fast! We've had a fairly high speed internet, but with the old computer we always had a bit of a wait. With this computer, I can jump from page to page almost instantly! Well, it seems like it's instantly compared to the old computer :-)
  • Rich introduced me to Microsoft Outlook's calendar on this computer. I'm hoping to use it as a planner and get myself more organized, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to get away from paper for that. I'm sure it will just take some getting used to. :-)

I'm sure there is some stuff I forgot to mention and there is definitely a lot more to discover! It's been frustrating at times trying to figure everything out, but in the end it has been very fun and exciting! I can't wait to see what else this computer can do and what else I can do using it! :-)


KittsKrafts said...

Glad to hear about your upgrade. Is it just me or did you desk shrink? lol

Alexia said...

I was amazed at how much less time it took to do everything I wanted to online once we got high-speed - it's gotta be the same for you! Yay for new computers!

Cascia said...

Looks great! I hope you enjoy your new computer.

pam said...

Sounds like a great new computer. Have fun figuring out all the bells and whistles.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

yeah I'm so glad you got it organized so i can see it. What a super cute area, I love it!!!

Now I need a picture of you sitting there ... LOL I know I ask a lot :)

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