Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Potty Time Tuesday: Poop!

Blake has been doing fairly well with potty training even though we are technically taking a break. He is still asking to go and actually pees on the potty at least twice a day. He even asked to sit on the potty at Grandma's house this weekend, but Grandma doesn't have a potty seat and being dangled over a big hole was not his idea of fun! LOL!

Yesterday Blake was actually doing really well. He went without a diaper all morning with no accidents, but I had to put a diaper on him for nap time. I didn't bother putting pants on him, but come to find out that was a bad decision!

Blake and Morgan tend to play a little before settling down to go to sleep. I know that they do and won't check on them unless there is crying or it has been a while and they still haven't gone to sleep. Well, yesterday they were not settling down, so I went in to check on them. When I opened the door, the first thing I saw was Blake halfway up Morgan's ladder with his little diapered bottom facing me and a brown streak across the back of it! :-(

My first thought was 'Oh no! What has that brown streak touched?!' I'll admit, it could have been worse-at least he kept his diaper on! But there was still poop on his pillow, his comforter, all over the toy chest that he uses to climb up into bed and it was also all over Morgan's comforter. (Remember he was climbing down her ladder, so he had been up in her bed too.) Yuck! I got what I could find cleaned up and my 3 load laundry day turned into a 5 load laundry day. (Six loads if you include the throw I had to wash the day before because he got pee all over it.)

I think this potty training thing has been more of a learning experience for me than it has for Blake. Maybe if I have Blake clean up the messes he'll learn faster!? No? I didn't think so. Good thought though, right? :-)


The Jacobsen Family! said...

OH NO!! I can't tell you how many messes I dealt with with Erik... I had to dress him in a onesie because he'd always end up taking off the diaper and then there'd be a huge poo or potty mess. It was horrible!
Hoping that this is an isolated incident for you!
Good job Blake, for staying dry this morning!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh sweetie, I feel ya girl! I don't even want to tell you what my guest room looks like with all the laundry that I haven't folded yet. It's been laundry crazyiness here!

Tomorrow will be better :)

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