Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We've been busy with all the fun surrounding Halloween this you'll see! :-)

We made this Curled Paper Pumpkin that we saw on the Frugal Family Fun Blog.
We also went to our first Lowe's Build & Grow clinic to make these flapping bats! I was awed at how well Blake did for his age and it was exciting that they got to keep the aprons, got badges (like in girl/boy scouts) to sew on the aprons for finishing, as well as a certificate! How awesome is all that for FREE!?! We came home, took the apart, painted them black and put them back together. The albino bats were neat, but we like them black better :-)

Morgan participated in the newspaper's coloring she tried on her Halloween costume....on multiple occasions! :-)

We made these ghost kites that we saw on the Frugal Family Fun Blog.

Morgan's preschool class isn't allowed to celebrate ANY holidays (I doubt Morgan will notice, but I was bummed!), so we made these pumpkin shaped popcorn balls to take in...just because ;-) No harm in pumpkins, right?

This next craft was a simple one that we saw on Trendy Treehouse. It's a Candy Corn Banner made from a paper plate! Super easy!! :-)

Of course, we had to get our REAL pumpkins out of our garden. Here Morgan and Blake were trying to carry the pumpkin together since they're kinda heavy :-)

Leine even got in on the fun!

Posing for a picture with all the pumpkins from the garden.

Once we had the pumpkin, we had to make something yummy with it, so we tried these Pumpkin Swirl Brownies. I also made some Pumpkin Fluff Dip and Ginger Snap Strips to put the dip on-YUM! (It was good on cinnamon graham crackers too!)
The night before Halloween a local church did a trunk-or-treat. The kiddos got all dressed up, Blake as a firefighter and Morgan as Snow White, to go to their first trunk-or treat.

I thought a couple of the trunks were pretty neat! This one made Blake forget all about candy! LOL!

Gotta LOVE the Beverly Hillbillies! Not really a trunk, but it was still really neat!! :-)

On Halloween we finally got around to carving a pumpkin. The kiddos weren't too anxious to touch the insides though...

I did the drawing depending on what the kiddos said they'd like and Rich did the carving while I cleaned some seeds to make some Sugared Pumpkin Seeds that I saw on Gooseberry Patch's facebook page.

In the afternoon we went to the nursing home that Rich's great-grandma is at for the kids to trick-or-treat. She is in her 90's and doing great! :-)
After that we did our regular trick-or-treating and then some! Instead of just going to family this year, we made it to friends of the family too! I think we made it to 10 places all together and were able to visit a little at most of them, which was nice :-)

Today, the kids are going to go through some of their candy and give it to our dentist office. I'll be taking in all the candy we bought for trick-or-treaters too, since we didn't get any again this year living out in the country. The dentist is buying candy off of kids to send to local soldiers! I thought it was really neat and I'm going to see if they'll just keep the money to use for shipping. :-)


Michele Williams said...

You are so crafty. Looks like it's such a great time. God bless you.

Alexia said...

I got tired just reading about all the things you did with the kids LOL We did ummm nothing HAHA. I did attempt to carve a pumpkin, but the boys were not interested and left me to go play with their uncle :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Kristie you are the BEST mom, I love that you do all these projects! Love you painted the bats. Cole wanted to paint ours, mom was being lazy! lol

Hey the pumpkins are a holiday ... lol

Those a bunch of pumpkins I NEVER have luck with growing pumpkins.

Oh lord girl you know my love of pumpkin!!!

Ok the Beverly Hillbillies is too awesome!!!!

For the baking Mix I just took the amount and divided it down to the amount I needed. I was thinking the same thing on making too much of it.

Marissa said...

I love so many things about this post! That's awesome that you have pumpkins in your own garden. We did a trunk or treat much fun. And those brownies look seriously yummy. I've been wanting to try this recipe:

Together We Save said...

Your pictures are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!

Nancy M. said...

It's great that y'all were able to do so many fun things for Halloween! That's kinda strange not celebrating any holidays. The pumpkins were a great idea! Your trick or treaters were really cute!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a great idea with the candy.
The kids look great. Sounds like you had a very busy time. The pumpkins you grew are awesome.
The recipes sound yummy too! I love Frugal Family Fun, she has the best idea.

Silver said...

Looks like so much fun!


Kristin said...

looks like you had a fantastic Halloween!

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