Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morgan's 7th Birthday!

I think I say it every year...I can't believe how the time has flown!  Of course Morgan is always anxious for time to fly now.  She couldn't wait to be seven and can never wait for the next big, exciting event....I just want it all to slow down!
We had Morgan's birthday party last Friday with mostly family and a close friend's family.
I decorated Morgan's dry-erase board as a little surprise for her and she wanted a picture of it. :-)
Snickerdoodle Bars to go along with the ice cream cake Morgan requested this year for her birthday cake.  She also wanted a 'Ballet' birthday, so the little toothpicks say "Tutu Sweet!"
A few decorations I came up with and some fun ballet themed coloring/activity pages rolled up and tied with a bow for party favors. (I found all the free printables on Pinterest.)
Anxiously awaiting present opening time.  She received a lot of wonderful presents this year including several art/craft projects, clothes, a baseball mitt and a MegaBloks Barbie Mansion.
Seeing her cake for the first time.  It turned out to be a COLD night, but the ice cream cake is always a good treat no matter what the temperature is outside ;-)
Morgan spent the next morning writing her thank you's.  This is an example of what they look like...I just need to get ink for the printer now and get them printed off and sent! :-)  (I'm pretty sure I saw this idea in the FamilyFun magazine.)
Morgan's actual birthday was Monday.  She woke up to some more birthday wishes on her dry-erase board. :-)
I made her a breakfast of homemade birthday pancakes...she chose the color for the icing which didn't turn out to be the blue we expected ;-)
She's been learning time in school and was curious at exactly what time she would be turning seven, so we got out her baby book.  She studied that the rest of the morning until we left for school. ;-)  (By the way, the time was 6:02 PM.)
 She somehow ended up with another HOT birthday like last year...88 degrees!  (It made it to 90 last year!)  With the average being 70 for this time of year, those temps are quite unexpected, so we needed some cool treats after school.
After much cleaning up (the popsicles melted all you can see Blake had to change!), we spent some time reading a chapter mystery book we've been working on (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew).  Then the kids colored aprons they were given a year ago, but didn't have the colored permanent markers.  Morgan happened to get some markers with one of her birthday presents, so they were finally able to decorate the aprons!
We then turned on a movie and painted fingernails.  Both were a special treat that we haven't done in a while.  (The weather has been too nice to be watching movies!)
Rich brought home Morgan's dinner request of pizza and then she opened the gift I set aside for her 'actual' birthday.  She received 6 chapter books, 2 picture books and her very own devotional!  She's been loving reading lately and couldn't have been happier to get the books...her favorite was the devotional :-)
Morgan had made many of the projects she had gotten for her birthday over the weekend, but we still had to try making the flowers out of the beads her aunt had given her.  Thankfully a storm was coming through and it cooled off enough that we could turn the toaster oven on to melt them.
Rich picked Morgan some lilacs from our bush for her birthday too...I didn't get a picture of her with them, but they matched her shirt perfectly!

Morgan also had a nice time at school for her birthday.  Morgan took in more Snickerdoodle Bars, just like what we had for her party, since she was going to be sharing her birthday with another girl at school.  (We didn't think they'd want two cupcakes).  Sounds like they went over well and she had a few extras to share with some other favorite teachers. She was literally all smiles while she told me about her day and hardly stopped smiling until bedtime. :-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! Wow, what a fun time she had celebrating. Pretty cake and I love her polished nails. Sounds like some awesome presents too. The lilacs are beautiful.

mail4rosey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful daughter! 7 is a really fun age!

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