Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blake's Masterpiece!

Blake loves to get messy when he eats. It seems like the messier he gets, the happier he is. Not only that, but he hates to be cleaned afterwords. It is almost like he creates a masterpiece all over his face (and body) with his food and doesn't want it to be destroyed. Blake can sure scream and put up a fight if he doesn't get his way, too. We don't have a picture of his fits, due to the hastiness of cleaning him to avoid hearing loss, but we have some good ones of his masterpieces! The picture above is at his birthday and is one of my favorites.

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a FUN with FOOD photo contest sponsored by Prego, where you can win a $500 gift card for groceries. Head on over and check out the rules to enter. $500 in groceries would be a big help for everyone right now!

P.S.-For those of you who read my post "Flies, Flies and More Flies!", you may notice the flies in the photo. I think I counted 9 just on the back of the highchair and that was just the beginning of the problems we had with them on Blake's birthday. His party was in the garage, though, so they had very easy access to disturbing us that day.


The White Family said...

Simply Adorable!! Good luck with the contest. :o)

Pamela Kramer said...

What a happy baby! Thanks for your entry.

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