Friday, November 21, 2008

Giveaways for Tech Savvy Kids

I never thought that I'd want my kids to play video games or get into too much technology. I wanted them to learn from things like books, board games and imaginative play as much as possible. I'm starting to realize, with technology advancing so quickly, that they will need to understand the new technology in order get by when they are older. I definitely don't want it to be their only source of play, but I am more willing now, than in the past, to allow video games, and things of that nature, into our home. Besides, a lot of the stuff looks pretty neat and I'd want to try it out for myself :-)
If you'd like to have tech savvy kids, there are several giveaways going on right now that, if you win, could get them headed in that direction. Check them out!

Poingo Reading System
SAHM Reviews (ends Nov. 25th)
Mammalicious Finds (ends Nov. 23rd)
5 Minutes for Mom (ends Nov. 28th)
Berrie Sweet Picks (ends Nov. 30th)
(Learn more about Poingo through Poingo's webpage.)

TAG Reading System
Mums The Wurd (ends Nov. 23rd)
Mamanista (It's part of their Hottest Holiday Toys for 2008.) (ends Dec. 3rd)

VTech Create-a-Story
Livin' with Me! (ends Nov. 23rd)

Leapfrog Didj and 3 games
Chefdruck Musings (ends Nov. 29th)

Playstation 2 Bundle
5 Minutes for Mom (ends Nov. 28th)

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