Monday, January 12, 2009

Germany Trip: This one's for Rich!

Before meeting Rich, I would have never thought twice about anything fire related. Now I pay attention to everything fire related, even in Germany! Since I wouldn't have taken pictures of any of this otherwise, this one's for Rich! :-)

We came across this fire truck as we were leaving Trier, Germany's oldest city. It was really neat to be able to see a German fire truck up close (and the firefighters!)

Me next to the fire truck.

The back of the fire truck.

The fire house in my parents' town, Neiderjoshbach.

A closer look at the sign on the fire house.

A fire hydrant outside the fire house in Neiderjoshbach.

I think this is the tower the fire whistle is in in a town near my parents', Eppstein. It is connected to the fire station, but I wasn't close enough to get a picture of that.

Those are all the fire pictures I got while I was their, but I also got Rich a little Lego firefighter playset at the Lego store in Munich and a German firefighter stein in Trier as souvenirs. I'm glad I got the stein when I did, because I never saw another one! :-) Here are pictures of them:

I'm not sure if you can get this in the USA, but I thought it was pretty neat while I was in Germany. Plus Legos are really big there!

This was just too neat to pass up! The price was right and it also says "Made in Germany" on the bottom, which is great to see on a souvenir from another country. :-)


Felicia said...

What an awesome trip! Take me with you next time!

Katja said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Germany - we used to live there, it was nice to see all your pics!

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