Saturday, January 3, 2009

Playing Dress-Up

Morgan has always loved playing dress-up. When she first started walking she was trying to walk in my shoes and hasn't stopped wanting to play at dressing like Mommy since! Through all the carrying around purses, putting on pretty gloves and scarves, wearing whatever shoes she could find, I never thought she'd love dressing up like a Police Officer!

I recently put together a dress-up box for the kids and put in a Police Officer costume by Small Miracles that I won on Sister Sister. Morgan wanted to wear it the next 2 days! She loved the hat and pretended that the radio in the pocket of it was a camera phone-too cute! Who knew that the little girl who loved being so girly would love a police costume!
Blake saw how much Morgan loved wearing the costume and wanted in on the fun :-)

I think I need to find more dress-up costumes for them-they absolutely love it!

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