Monday, February 23, 2009

Don't Break the Ice!

I love finding activities to do with the kids that really gets them excited and makes them laugh. They received the game "Don't Break the Ice!" for Christmas and we took it out to play it for the first time the other day. Not only were they excited and laughing, but they couldn't wait to get the game back together, so they could 'play' all over again. (The thing is they really didn't care to 'play' the game, they just liked knocking the ice out. Each time they 'played', I would spend 5 minutes putting it together for the 10 seconds it took them to 'break the ice' again.) You can see how much they loved 'playing' by the looks on their faces...

Morgan is a little on the blurry side from jumping up and down :-)

I'm even excited to play it again! I loved hearing them laugh and squeal at the simple act of knocking out a little block of ice. It might not be a very educational game, but it is a ton of fun!


Cascia said...

Looks like thy had a lot of fun! I used to play that game when I was a kid.

I love your new blog design.

Alexia said...

Oh I should get that game for the boys! I'm always at a loss as to what "games" I can play. (I've heard Uno is good too...because of the colors).

On a side note: why is the Spring Cleaning button working on your sidebar and not mine?!?! I tried posting it and it wouldn't show up! Grrr

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