Monday, October 13, 2008

Blake's Boo Boos

Blake had a great time this weekend, but he came away from it with a few boo boos.

Boo Boo #1: Morgan got out all of her outdoor toys Saturday after picking pumpkins, which Blake thought was great. Unfortunately, for Blake, Morgan wanted to play with the wagon he was holding onto and he went face first into the pavement. That's where he got the boo boo on his chin.

Boo Boo #2: We went out to lunch after church Sunday with some friends and Blake wasn't used to the high chair he was in. He ended slipping in it and hitting his mouth on the edge of the table leaving him with a boo boo on his lip.

Boo Boo #3: After lunch, we went to Rich's parents'. Somehow I lost track of where Blake was and he climbed a few of the steps in the staircase. Unfortunately, I found him when I heard a thump and then screaming. Luckily the stairs are carpeted, but I think he must of hit his head on the railing and got a pretty good scrape. That's how he ended up with the boo boo on his head.

Blake really didn't want to hold still for these pictures. He ended up upside-down because I was laying on the floor trying to get a picture of his chin and lip.

The scratch on his head is barely visible in this picture, but it is there.

I'm sure these could have been worse, but they were bad enough for such a little guy and his protective mom who never wants to see her baby get hurt.

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