Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mother Daughter Time

Two weeks ago, Saturday, Morgan and I were able to make it out together for a baby shower. Two weeks before that we made it to a Tupperware party together. It was so nice, each time, to have some mother daughter time. We spend every day together and she has to share everything, including me, with 'Buddy' (that's what Morgan calls Blake.) When I see my friends with their single little one and they are waiting a while to have a second baby, I feel guilty that Morgan doesn't have that one on one with her mom. If it were just her and I all day every day, we could do so much more and she could experience more things without little Blakers holding us back. The possibilities seem endless, but those thoughts don't stick with me too long. I realize that Morgan really isn't missing out, that she actually has an advantage that my friends little ones don't. She has to learn to share being with Blake all day. She has a little brother to play with and laugh with. She has another in her life to love and to love her! Not only that, but I couldn't imagine life without Blake now that he's here. I love them both so much and I really wouldn't change a thing. And when we feel the need, Morgan and I can always take some time out for our mother daughter time.

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Laura said...

I'm a new mama-to-be, so I'll just have to go with what everyone else has told me and say that you need a really good baby carrier.

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