Friday, October 10, 2008

Michigan Fireman's Memorial

A few weekends ago we, along with my husband's family, went to Michigan's Fireman's Memorial Festival in Roscommon, MI. My husband has been going since he's been a firefighter, but missed a couple years since we've been married. (Having kids made us put some things off.) Anyway, this year, his whole family went because his grandfather's name was being put on the wall. We had a great time camping with the family and his firefighting buddies. We attended the memorial service, the parade and went to the fairgrounds where they had vendors, activities and competitions. The neatest part was the memorial, though. It is a beautiful place where firefighters who haved passed, both from natural causes and in the line of duty, are honored for their service. Here are some pictures I took while there:

This picture is of my husband, his 2 brothers (all in blue) and their cousins all sitting in front of where their grandfather's name is on the wall.

This is my husband with a couple firefighting buddies and his father is standing behind him.

Morgan with Grandma.

Little Blakers just couldn't stay awake any longer!

To get more information about the memorial and to see what the festival is all about check out their page here.

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