Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Fun #7: St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Saturday we went to a local St. Patrick's Day parade to get into the spirit just a little more. I'll admit it was hard to get into the spirit though with all the rain...not so much fun. :-/

Waiting in the car until the last minute to stay dry.
Blake doesn't usually smile like that middle picture and I kept trying to figure out who the smile reminded me of and it's Alexis's little guy Caden! I've always loved Caden's smile!

The traditional start to the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Blake peaking around his hood to watch.

I just love the excitement in Morgan's face! She's been waiting for another parade since the beginning of December!

Just thought these little girls were cute trying to stay dry :-)

The guy with the flag is a very distant relative of mine. LOVE his hat! ;-)

I liked how this was a float where all you could see (mostly) was umbrella tops and a Celtic cross :-)

Neat pot of gold float.

Dog: "Get me out of this rain!"

Proudly wearing her parade hand-out.

My favorite float-an Irish thatched-roof cottage. Too cute!

We also watched Ladder 49 this last weekend, which was quite fitting between the St. Patrick's Day celebration in the movie and with the recent loss Rich's Fire Chief. Plus Rich grabbed some Lucky Charms cereal for breakfasts that we've been enjoying. We only usually eat cereals like Cheerios, so having some 'kid' cereal around with an Irish theme has been fun! :-)


Andrea said...

Awesome pictures...great post! Hope you guys have an great week.

Cascia said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Too bad it was raining.

Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms! Have a terrific Tuesday!

Pam said...

How darling! so cute!

Guess the o'l rain didn't want you all to stay dry!


Alexia said...

Oh fun! It never even occurred to me that there might be parades. Although, Noah is really only interested in the fire engines and police cars LOL

croleyc69 said...

Looks like a great parade too bad it was raining out. Great pics and thanx for sharing !!

Jenn said...

so I love love umbrellas... so I love love all these pictures!! Oh, I mean, I am sorry you were all in the rain... ;)


Just Breathe said...

Too bad it rained :( Like the idea of getting the Lucky Charms to eat. Yes, little Caden always has the biggest silly smile!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh yes loving the thatch house the best!

All the photos are so cute, you all are so adorable!!!

Oh yes we buy the lucky charm wanna be's in the bulk section. Caden has to have them each day! LOL

And Rick's favorite movie!

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