Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Fun Finale: Pot of Gold Hunt and Irish inspired food! :-)

We started preparing for St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday by making some Leprechaun binoculars (binoculars to find a leprechaun with his pot of gold.)
I made sure there was a 4 leaf clover on it to give Morgan some extra luck in finding the pot of gold.

Then, after getting the kids to bed (which was easy after several hour of playing outside), the little leprechaun and his pot of gold hid out in the fridge to wait for the kiddos....after putting out a bunch of clues of course.

In the morning Morgan snatched up her binoculars and looked for the clues, which were laying around the living room, to finding the leprechaun with his gold.

These were the clues:

A bunch of coins with numbers on one side and letters on the other spelling out where Morgan could find the pot of gold!

We decoded the clues and Morgan found the leprechaun hiding in the refridgerator with his pot of gold (gold foil covered peanut butter cups).

The kids tasted their 'gold' then we made some special shamrock shaped pancakes for breakfast. I, of course, had to make them green too with some green and blue food coloring. ;-)

Lunch was green eggs made from the green eggs that our chickens lay. (The white ones are store bought and one of our chickens lays brown eggs, but the rest are green.) Of course I used food coloring again to get the insides of the egg green ;-)

Snack time was more gold! This idea came from the Disney FamilyFun magazine website, but I changed it up a little.

And finally, for dinner, we had a delicious Potato Soup and salad. I would have done Corned Beef and Cabbage, but I was trying to use what we already had in the house (because I'm cheap-LOL!)

Potato Soup recipe:
2 Tbsp butter or oleo
5 cups water
1 small carrot, chopped (I used a quart jar I had canned last fall, so there are a ton of carrots)
3 tsp bacon bits
1 small can cream of mushroom soup
1 med sized onion, chopped
8 med sized potatoes, cubed or chopped (we're still using the ones from our garden!)
1/4 cup celery, chopped (didn't have any, but I think I made up for it carrots!)
1 cup milk or condensed milk
In a large kettle, place all ingredients. Cook until well blended. If soup is runny, thicken with a little cornstarch mixed with water. Makes about 5 servings. (Or 10, because is sure looks like a lot!)
Our St. Patrick's Day was full of food and activity. The weather has been beautiful, so we even made it outside for quite a while plus I dried clothes on the line for the first time this year! It's so exciting! Too bad there is more snow in the upcoming forecast :-( I hope everyone else had a great St. Patty's Day as well! :-)

*The idea for the hunt for the pot of gold came from


Pam said...

ha...what fun and so cute..very creative!


Just Breathe said...

That was so awesome. What a fun thing to do for the kids. Love the pancakes, green eggs, jello and the soup. (have to try it) The little binoculars were cute too!
What a sweet mom you are.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What awesome ideas!! Looks like they had so much fun! They must have been so excited!!

Marissa said...

I am always so impressed by your activities! That pot of gold looks scrumptious (love the peanut butter cup idea), and green eggs look really good too!

Alexia said...

Wow. I bet they loved all of that. Can I just send the boys to your house next holiday? I am waaaay to lazy to do all of that work LOL

Jenn said...

Fun! If I remember I will leave clues like that next year! =)

Yummy soup! I keep trying potato soup... I fail every time! I will try yours on the next cold day... I am sure more will come... right now spring is teasing us! ;)


shopannies said...

how fun this all looks

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Girl you make me feel like a bad mom ... lol just playing! You're freaking GREAT mom hun!!!

I'm loving the binocular's Caden always running around with his little hands up like binoculars. AWESOME idea!

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